Unstructured Data Analytics combines text mining techniques and algorithms to extract meaningful insights from text sources. This text can come from Emails, Blogs, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Facebook feeds, Tweets and even Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of photos and scanned documents. It can also come from content analyses of website data and user generated contents like reviews.

What we do...

We provide services around the following areas of text mining and analytics:

Text Mining & Analytics
Text Mining & Analytics
Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics
Documents & Email Analytics
Documents & Email Analytics
Sentiment Analysis Framework
Sentiment Analysis

How do we do it?

We have a proprietary data ingestion engine that can process terabytes of unstructured data at a phenomenal rate. For most of our clients, we have been able to crunch data up to 10 times faster than any of their existing data engines, giving them a tremendous advantage in extracting analytics in a short period of time. This engine has elastic scaling built into it, so it can handle large volumes of data quickly and on demand.

We have a state of the art sentiment analysis library that is available for use on day one of implementation. This machine learning based library gives you instant access to sentiment analysis capabilities for your analytics features. We have invested in creating this robust sentiment analysis engine so that our clients do not have to.

We have connectors for commonly connected mediums of unstructured data extraction. This means connecting with Email servers like Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo! Email, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs is a breeze. So, instead of worrying about how to connect to different sources, you can concentrate on what analytics to extract.

Why us?

Rare Mile Performance Consultants and Architects

Our People

Our data scientists and technologists are experienced in extracting meaningful analytics from unstructured data no matter how complex or chaotic. They are experts at pulling out analytics that can make an impact on your business in a meaningful way.
Free Prototype

Free Prototype

Not ready to commit? Try our free proof of concept that demonstrate what kind of insights we will be able to pull out of your text. You can commit to buy if you like what you see

Our Technology & Process

Technology & Process

Our unstructured data analytics platform gives you a head start in your data analysis. So you spend more time on the analysis and less on the logistics.Our 3 phased data analysis process makes data collection, storage and analysis a breeze. It provides predictability in the overall analysis and ensures that nothing is missed out.

About The Practice

Our Text Analytics Team is a collection of best in class engineers and architects who love pulling out beyond-the-obvious insights and analytics from large volume of text.

Practice Skills

Intelligence Extraction
Social Media Analytics
Email Analytics
Receipt OCR & Data Extraction