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Want to explore what big data can do for you but not sure where to start?

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Our 3 Step Data Science Kick Start Process

Step 1 : Analyze Sample Data

Our Data Science consultancy begins by analyzing your sample data set to see what kind of insights can be extracted from this data and how it can be used for Marketing, Sales, Customer Engagement, Financial Predictions or Fraud Prevention

Step 2 : Enrich Data

We then enrich this data with publicly available information - from social media, statistics, surveys or even blogs.

Step 3 : Build Models

Our Data Scientists then build sample models to show you how your data can help your business perform better.

Trusted by some of amazing companies

We work with some of the most innovative companies to bring data science initiatives to life.

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Data We Analyze

Our unique frameworks and algorithms let us analyze both structured and unstructured data side by side to produce amazing insights. Here are some of the data sources that we regularly work with:

  1. 1

    Structured Data - Database records containing transactional, profile, campaign data.

  2. 2

    Text - Large volume of textual information contained in Emails, Documents, Websites or even Social Media Conversations.

  3. 3

    Images - Collection of receipts, pictures, invoices, etc.

  4. 4

    Audio Files - Call center logs, interviews, phone conversations.


Marketing Insights

Customer Segmentation, Campaign Targeting, Product Recommendations, etc.

We analyze your existing customer transactions and profile data to build predictive models around what your customers are likely to do next. Our clients have used these insights to acquire more customers, sell more products & services, building engaging customer communities and understanding their customers better.

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Financial Insights

Discounts, Contract Analysis, Rogue Trade Preventions, Expense Receipt Automation, Lost Revenue

Our algorithms sift through images, emails, text and numbers to pull deep financial insights. We can also figure out if a trade or financial transaction looks highly unusual for a customer. Our clients have used these analytics to optimize spending, recover missed discount commitments and cross sell products and services to customers.

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Customer Satisfaction Insights

Call Center Analytics, Message Optimization, Volume Forecasting

Did you know that your existing data can help you predict when a customer relationship is about to go sour? It can also tell you how to save on customer management cost and offer a superior experience to your customers.

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Compliance, Risk & Fraud Prevention Analytics

Fraud Detection, Credit Risk, Compliance & Auditing

Your external data clubbed with other publicly available information can help you put together big picture of events to detect fraud. Your past dealings with credit defaulters can also help you flag potential defaulters early on in the process.

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